“Satan’s Trick”


Master of disguises
Pretending to be an angel of light
Except your light is darkness.
Beguiling hearts and sowing evil surprises.
Weaving your webs of distraction that
Tighten as you manipulate control
Like a puppeteer
You want to choreograph our
Every move to be a performance of sin.
But no one is throwing coins at you from
Because your tricks are not new.
They are of old.
And the One who is GREATER than you,
In the hearts of His saints He abides within!
No one is delivering applause.
It is time for your knee to bow
And concede loss!
For your craftiness
Was not enough to thwart Jesus’ victory over you!
The crop of sin and death you planted with Adam
& Eve in the garden of Eden
Was plucked up when Jesus died on the cross!
In the name of JESUS
your web has been snipped!
Your talons have been clipped!
The very snare you had entangled
Around my flesh , I now use
As spiritual floss!
God loosed me!
The pain you caused
Is wisdom gained.
The time is drawing near
When Jesus will return,
It will be too late to wish that
With HIM in heaven you had remained!
Next time you face temptations, 
Tell the devil he is a liar!
Praise God! Hallelujah!!!
Jesus is Lord and Savior!!!
Bless our beloved Messiah!!!!!
By Cassandra Salamone. Copyright protected,  2014.

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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