Keeping Perspective This Christmas


Everyone loves this time of the year! Families gather together to decorate their Christmas trees and string up lights! The sounds of Christmas music can be heard in almost every retail store! Stockings are hung! Children anticipate Christmas morning when they can unwrap their presents piled so neatly underneath the tree!
But is that what this holiday is about? Bright lights? Christmas trees? And giving and receiving presents?
This season heralds hope and belief in miracles.  The truest and greatest miracle has already been given. That miracle is Jesus Christ, and He gave those who believe in Him the gift of eternal life and redemption from the curse of sin. Jesus is the reason for this and every season; and to help you keep your focus on Him this Christmas,  I invite you to follow and join in on the Advent Study, which has already begun on my Facebook ministry page!
Each day leading to Christmas,  I will post Scriptures and readings from Kirsten Oliphant’s “Make Him Room”. It is my hope that you will join in and that amidst all of the hubbub of this commercialized season, you and your families will keep your minds stayed on Jesus. May God bless us all ♥

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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