My Husband’s Garden


My husband’s heart is a garden that is enclosed by a beautiful gate. I have enjoyed waiting outside its perimeter to lean on it and enjoy the delicate perfume of his love from his garden. We have loved deeply, but there was always that gate. The beautiful barrier began to be a source of pain for me because when I could not get a whiff of his love–when the fragrance seemed to drift away–I could not find his love and the distance was overwhelming. All I wanted was to get on the other side of that gate so I could sit in the fullness of my husband’s love. Sometimes he left it ajar but not wide enough for me to squeeze through. But one day, the door crept open quietly. I stole away inside and was afraid to make a sound. I walked silently–practically holding my breath–and when I sat down in the center of the garden, the love I felt was more than my husband’s love. I was surrounded by God’s love.
It was only by God’s grace that I was allowed to enter because God had to be allowed inside my husband’s heart before he would welcome me inside.
My husband’s love is only as accessible to me as he had made his heart accessible to Christ. That day back in February, I remember how He led me into the beautiful garden of my husband’s heart and in a days span, God serenaded me with a song that came from my husband’s lips. My God my Lord the Lover of my soul gave my husband a song to sing to me. I was swept off my feet as he sang.
I didn’t know he could sing like that because he’d never sang to me. He sang:
“God is love, and love is in me.
God is love–shedding light on my love for you.
God is love, and my heart was empty. God is love; He filled my heart with you.”
He said it’s the chorus to a new song he is writing. As he sang it over and over to practice it, I was overwhelmed by God’s presence. God’s love for me brought tears to my eyes. God’s Holy Spirit let me know that God was the one who opened the door inside my husband’s heart to me and locked me inside it with Him. It’s only when our husbands have accepted and received the fullness of the Holy Spirit and welcomed Jesus inside their hearts that we as their wives can experience the fullness of their love.
I pray that all of you will receive this blessing in your own marriages. It is possible because NOTHING is impossible for God! No matter if there are divorce papers filed. What matters is what God decrees. Follow after His heart and never stop seeking Him and praying for your spouses’ salvation.

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