Take the Plunge Tonight at 9pmEST


How many of you have experienced your life become interrupted? Perhaps your marriage is being interrupted by storms of strife, adultery, perhaps your spouse has left you and wants a divorce? Perhaps you are considering a divorce because you do not wish to stay married to your spouse because you feel he/she is sinning against you or simply does not make you happy anymore. All throughout our lives, we will experience interruptions–some by God’s hand and some will naturally be a consequence to some actions we have taken or failed to take.
I know that many wives are experiencing an interruption in their marriages, and may want to flee from the chaos. (I am not speaking of violent or abusive situations***)
God has called you to stand on His Word and obediently walk in it to reflect and minister the love of Christ to your husband. He may very well be using the storm in your marriage to grab your attention, to get some alone time with you just as Jonah did inside of the fish’s belly, and to use you to stir up a revival in your marriage. God is calling you to be obedient to the instructions He has given you, so that you may save a rebellious city–your husband. Don’t give up!
I invite you to join me on Friday’s for a weekly teaching video of Priscilla Shirer’s ‘Jonah: Navigating Life Interrupted” Bible study. Tonight’s Prayer web conference call will be at 9pm EST. I invite you to take the plunge with me into the fish’s belly–into time alone with the Lord with your prayers–to seek God’s will in your journey. All you have to do to join in on this webcast video and prayer call is register at:

I look forward to taking the plunge with you!
God bless ❤

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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