“Praying God’s Word”


Finally! A prayer resource for husbands and engaged men to use to strengthen their walks with God! I usually focus most of my ministry with resources that minister to wives; but with my husband’s encouragement and support, I am so pleased to offer a collection of prayers that target:
~Sexual temptation
~Friendships/a godly support system,
~Trusting God for Provision
~ Shepherding your wife and children
You can purchase this prayerbook for only $2.99 on Amazon to download to your Kindle. Simply click on the logo for this EBook at the top right of the blog and you will be taken directly to Amazon. If you don’t own a Kindle, Kindle apps are available for Free to download to your device (cell, tablet, computer). If you are a wife reading this, this book will make a great gift of love to your husband because you can adapt the prayers so that you can pray over him. If you are not yet married but are engaged, it doesn’t hurt to get started praying ahead of time! :+) I look forward to reading your reviews of my book on Amazon! May God bless and prosper you.

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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