“Friday Tips &Funnies”


I really like this diagram depicting the the “over vs. under” conflict with the toilet tissue roll! Some husbands and wives really get bent out of shape out the placement of the toilet paper roll. It’s okay to disagree 🙂 Just don’t allow the toilet tissue controversy to become more than a laughing matter. I do not have a preference by the way lol!


Sometimes we get it wrong and our spouses give us that look that says, “Ah honey, you know me better than that!!” lol 🙂 Mistakes do happen. Forever is a long time to learn about our spouses and get it right!


Please don’t boobytrap the body! Don’t make your spouse enter a war zone just to touch you! 🙂 Make your marriage bed a safe place and bring down that barb wire lol!
Hope you enjoyed Friday’s tips and funnies!
Cassandra :+)

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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