Only God Can~


Your gown may be starched and pressed, but only God can prepare your heart to have the incorruptible, quiet beauty that Sarah lavished upon her “lord” Abraham.
Your nails may be manicured and freshly painted, but only God can give you understanding of His ways and bless the work of your hands as your husband’s “helper suitable” and keeper of your home as well as mother of your children.
Your lips may have rehearsed your wedding vows, but only God can equip you by His Holy Spirit to walk out what you will say for the years to come “till death do you part.”
You may feel afraid, but only God can dispel fear with His perfect love.
You may think that the love you share with your husband to be is already perfect, but only God can grow you both to become more like Christ so His love can be perfected in your hearts.

May you rely upon what God can do in His power as you prepare to become a wife. Be blessed!

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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