Crocodile Tears~ poem for my cousin Jay


In remembrance of my big brother “Jay”~
“Crocodile Tears” by Cassandra Salamone
You are my first cousin.
You were my very first best friend.
Every time our parents arranged
a photograph or portrait sitting,
I always frowned and said,
“No! Not unless Jay holds my hand.”
We were the best of friends.
Together, we climbed trees and rode our bikes down crooked streets.
I watched you play with your matchbox cars.
We ate your mama’s good homecooking,
And watched “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars”.
Life was the best!
You always had a good heart and knew how to make me laugh.
Now, today we gather in love and
Remembrance of you.
With tears in the aftermath.
I love you, Jay.
Even now without your hand–
I refuse…..
to say Goodbye.
Instead, I say
Goodbye for now.
We will see you again.
After awhile,

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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