Family TV Night

Who else is tuning in tonight at 8pm EST to watch the epic series of The Bible? Would you believe it that God used a married couple to executive produce this series! Hallelujah! Praying lives will be touched and


changed forever.

NEW YORK (AP) — Mark Burnett was taken aback by the scale of what his wife, actress Roma Downey, had in mind when she suggested over tea one morning four years ago that they makea television miniseries based on the Bible.

“Momentarily, I think he thought I’d lost my mind,” Downey recalled. “He went out on his bicycle and he prayed on it and he came back and said, `You know what, I think it’s a goodidea. I think we should do it together.’ We shook hands and haven’t looked back.”

The series debuts on History Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, the first of five two-hour chunks that will air each weekend. The finale airs on Easter Sunday…”

~photo from The Bible Series Facebook page~

David Bauder ~article excerpt

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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