The doors of his heart


Only God can open some doors. My husband’s heart has a beautiful door. I stood at it enjoying the view and the delicate perfume from the garden that God has been tending since his birth. We loved but there was always that door. The beautiful door. My weeping door. Because all I wanted was to get on the other side of that door. Sometimes he left it ajar but not wide enough I could enter to see all that God had planted. But today, the door crept open quietly and the love I felt was not his alone. But God’s.
Some door we can only enter into only after God has gone inside. My husband’s love is only as good as the love of Christ living inside his heart. Today they invited me into the beautiful garden of his heart.
I pray that all of you will receive this blessing in your own marriages. It is possible bc NOTHING is impossible for God. No matter if there are divorce papers filed. What matters is what God decrees. Follow after His heart and never stop seeking Him and praying for your spouses’ salvation

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