Serenaded by God


God just blessed me so…. I’ve been praying for so long that He would close the doors that need to be shut and open the doors He purposed to be open for me and my family. I was sitting on the floor mating socks from laundry and in walked my husband. He starts serenading me. I didn’t know he could sing like that–never sang to me. He sang:
“God is love, and love is in me.
God is love–shedding light on my love for you.
God is love, and my heart was empty. God is love; He filled my heart with you.”
He said it’s the chorus to a new song he is writing. As he sang it over and over to practice it, I was overwhelmed by God’s presence. God’s love for me brought tears to my eyes. His Spirit let me know He opened the door inside my husband’s heart to me and locked me inside it with Him. I am overcome……
For so long I waited at that door listening to the sound of his heart.

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