Bible Game

Here’s the Bible game I promised 🙂 I found a Bible game book at the thrift store this weekend for 50¢. It’s  priceless to have a little fun and sharpen your Bible knowledge 🙂 All you do is unscramble the numbered words in the picture that correspond to their numbered sentences I list below. Enjoy!
1. Young widows are prone to ______.
2. A king was eaten of _____.
3. In 1Peter, Satan is compared to a ____.
4. _______ was raised from the dead.
5. ______ was another name for Peter.
6. _____ had a birthday party.
7. ______ was a dressmaker.
8. _______ was another name for number 7’s dressmaker.


(Wicker Rabbit, Anne Hathaway’s garden)

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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