Water In My Ears


“Water in My Ears” poem I wrote about how I hear from God:)
I have noticed that God’s voice
is like the sound
of many waters.
When God is trying to tell me something,
it is almost
a whisper
in my heart. Very calm and still
With the exception
of what I “hear” in my heart. Then, I notice His voice
Picks up momentum.
Gathers force
Seemingly, as I begin to see what He “said” when I casually flip through my Bible
and even through people I encounter.
That’s confirmation, my friends;
And at that point,
I feel I am wading
in the waters of His voice.
His message is loud and clear. If I just pray and seek to get closer
to Him,
the roar
of the waters of His voice Becomes deafening–I can’t Hear anything
but truth!
He refreshes me!!!
If I just acknowledge Him
and say “Yes, Lord”
in my heart,
Then His Holy Spirit is like a Mighty waterfall
that surrounds my spirit
in a shroud of mist
And I thank Him for His grace and ask for strength
To walk in the revelation
He imparted.
I am strengthened inwardly by Christ ❤
I walk quietly and prayerfully until the next time
He leads me
beside still waters
Where I will
Follow the sound of His voice
until I no longer need ears to
a heart to listen.


Please let me know what you think about this :)

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