Weatherproof Your Marriage


In every marriage, couples will face storms and undergo hard trials. Prayer is the necessary protection every husband and wife needs to weatherproof their marriage on a daily basis. It is protective cover that couples need to proactively use in the good times, as well as, the bad. They need not wait until a storm is brewing. Prayer reinforces their marriage with strength and grace that is not of themselves, but of God–the One Who rains down His blessings as He pleases.
Every time we open our “prayer covers”, we exercise our faith and it honors God! Let’s not wait until the winds of confusion and the angry verbage is hailing down in the middle of a conflict with our spouses. Let us be prepared and plan ahead to put our trust in the Lord because He is the surest source of protective cover over our lives.
Thank You Lord that You hear and answer our prayers Everyone: everyday put your prayers up! Never know when the next storm will blow in; but we can be ready and at ease as we have faith in the Lord to cover and deliver us! Thank You Jesus!!!

God Bless!


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