Marital Intimacy

Are you and your spouse intimate with one another–truly intimate? Intimacy in the truest sense is as it reads: Into me see. The best way to maintain intimacy is by being naked with one another emotionally. Unguarded with no defenses. No fig leaves lol
🙂 No secrets. Can you sit down and face one another with no defenses and be fine with seeing one another’s flaws? Intimacy is sharing vulnerableness and being embraced in spite of your weaknesses or strengths. Intimacy is a time of relaxing into one another. True biblical intimacy is being able to relax with your spouse–seeing into each other with the grace, love, and compassion of Christ. It is being one in a spiritual sense and becoming one in physical sense. True intimacy is not disjointed but seamless. Have you made it a daily habit to “bathe” in each other’s presence and just soak in each other’s company?


Please let me know what you think about this :)

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