Countdown to Christmas: 10 Days Left!


Good afternoon everyone! In the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut, I was in prayer and deep thought. As a mother of four–3 who attend public schools–I was distressed. i feel deeply hurt for those children’s parents and loved ones as well as the adults who were lost. My husband and I prayed for the victims and families before we fell asleep. One of the things we discussed earlier during the day was whether angels were present. I believe angels were present. Whether they warned some of the teachers or consoled those who were frightened and mourning, I believe our God sent His angels to help. So for today’s Blessing Assignment, we will be our spouse’s angels. We will do good deeds–kind, thoughtful acts. We will anticipate some of their needs and meet them without being asked. We’ll be ready to uplift and meet their needs even if it’s in a small way. If your spouse has difficulty finding a matching pair of socks everyday, you might organize their sock drawer without telling them. Today we’ll be as the angels–assisting behind the scenes :-} I pray everyone has a great day! Be blessed and walk in love!

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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