Countdown to Christmas! 11 Days to Go!


Hello everyone! 😀
With our second Blessing Assignment, we will bless our spouses by selecting ATTRACTIVE pajamas to wear at bedtime. It’s easy to fall into a rhythm of just wanting to be comfortable, but today we can remind our spouses that we believe they are worth the effort it takes for us to be more intentional–even at bedtime! It’s time to pack away the ratty sweat pants, gym shorts, and over-sized T-shirts that have been worn 100’s of times. Tonight, pick out some pajamas that show you care about what your spouse thinks concerning your appearance. P.S. If you wear socks to bed, make sure you wear a matching pair without holes. Also, instead of tying your hair up with a scarf, use a satin pillowcase or or drape your scarf on your pillow. Be intentional. Your spouse will surely appreciate it! Have a blessed day and I pray this blessing will be a blessing that keeps on blessing you as well beyond bedtime ♥

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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